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BlackBerry Q10 Leather Holster and Pocket Review Australia

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I’m reviewing the BlackBerry Q10 Leather Pocket and Holster together because apart from the belt clip they are very similar.

BlackBerry have been making a holster and pocket case for most BB smartphones for about 8 years or so and these two long term favourites and been around since the old 7290. The formula was simple then and still is, a very simple product executed with good quality genuine leather and moulded specifically for the Q10.

Important to note the belt clip on the Leather Holster is the “new style” holster, it’s much stronger and robust now so that should result in fewer breaks and snapping incidents.

Both cases have BlackBerry Sleep technology that can have a big impact on your battery life. As soon as your Q10 enters the snug case it automatically goes into sleep mode saving battery life, but will keep you well alerted to messages, calls and other notification so long as you go through the settings and make it so. As you pull it back it, it comes back to life instantly with no fuss.

I reviewed the Z10 leather pocket a few months back and like most leather pockets and holsters, they need a little break-in time and are usually very tight or too tight when they are brand new. I’m happy to report both the Q10 Holster and Pocket are a perfected fitted from day one, there is no problem getting your Q10 out in a hurry; you won’t be wrestling with these cases. The Q10 in the holster even feels just a tad loose.

The pocket especially feels very slim.

Pricing, the holster is just over $30 Australian Dollars and the pocket is just under, fair pricing - no issues there.

Good points:

  • Made specifically for the BlackBerry Q10
  • Good quality materials
  • Sleep technology for better battery life
  • Improved belt clip on the holster

Not so good points:

  • Not much really, a bundled screen protector would be nice
  • Neither case allows access to the Micro-USB charging port
  • Q10 in the holster almost feels a tiny bit loose

Overall I’m awarding the Holster 3.9 stars and the Pocket Case 4.3 stars

Link to cases here:

Thanks Clark

BlackBerry Q10 Cases - Soft Shell Review

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The first thing I noticed about the new BlackBerry Q10 Soft Shell is that is doesn’t feel rubbery. I've seen some earlier "shells" and I thought it was a word to replace "skins" that used to be very popular on older gen BlackBerry's. It's a good thing too! I was never a fan of skin type protectors; they were useless when getting in and out of jeans and pockets because the rubber would always stick to clothing material.


So the new Soft Shell, well it really does feel like a shell which is great, typical of genuine BlackBerry Accessories it feels like a premium product too.


The soft shell easily slides on and out of pockets etcetera and is really thin.
The drop protection would be questionable and I’m not trying it out on my new Q10. It would certainly do a great job of protecting your Q10 from desk dust and scratches and day to day to knocks so for that I think the value proposition is strong.


At the moment these Soft Shells are available in Black and White and sell for $19.95 at


Good points:

  • Very thin
  • Close and flush on the Q10
  • Quality product feel
  • Great value for money
Not so good points:
  • Lack of protection for anything more than a slight knock
  • No lip to protect the LCD screen

Overall I’m rating the BlackBerry Q10 Soft Shell 3.8 Stars

Link to product:

Thanks Clark

BlackBerry Q10 Case Hard Shell Review

Saturday, May 11, 2013
I’ve just unpacked by BlackBerry Q10 Hard Shell in White (they also come in Black) and on first appearance I like the way it looks.

Obviously it’s White, but there is a Grey edging that gives the hard shell a smart look and feel.

There is a crisp neatness to the Hard Shell and the back of the case has very light grooves to increase grip when it’s in your hand.

There is access to all ports on the phone which is standard these days for any decent case.

It does come with a BlackBerry Screen Protector which helps justify the price.

 - Good Points:
  • Very light, slim and neat
  • Feels like a quality products

 - Not so good sides:
  • There is no lip on the corners so my LCD Screen is still exposed

 - Conclusion:
  • Of all the Q10 cases I’ve tested so far, it will probably be the one I use the most.

They are $24.95 from Smartphone Store or BlackBerry Store, here is the link;

BlackBerry Q10 Hard Shell

I’m giving its 4.25 starts out of 5



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LIFEPROOF Suction Cup Car Cradle Mount iPhone 5

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Well we've been asking for it and LIFEPROOF must have been listening because now we have it, a Car Cradle for the LIFEPROOF case. In this instance it’s just for the iPhone 5 LIFEPROOF case. All the LIFEPROOF accessories to date have been very high in quality, design and form. If you agree then the Suction Cup Mount won’t surprise you on that front.

My biggest issue with windscreen mount car cradles is our hot Aussie sun tends to make them fall off quickly on a hot summer day – some of the best I’ve tested have withstood 45-50 degree heat inside a car and I’m assured the LIFEPROOF Car Cradle will too.

A single release catch makes it easy to grab your iPhone 5 when you’re in a rush to get out of the car quick and it will freely swivel through 360 degrees until you snap it in place exactly where you want it. I’m told, even if you’re a bit of a crazy driver; you won’t shake Suction Cup off the windscreen.

So most of us use these to simply adhere to our Australian road laws so our phones are held in a “Commercially designed holder” but there are stacks of other reasons to use one; you can use it for Sat Nav, there are so many Nav Apps available on your iPhone 5 it would be crazy not too. GPS Speed readings for those who like to challenge trigger happy speed camera’s and you could even record you’re driving.

I appreciate “recording you’re driving” sounds a bit encouraging for race-car driver wannabe hoons but on a recent trip to Europe its becoming an emerging trend. People are literally recording their daily journeys in case of accidents to prove liability, prevent road rage incidents and capture some of our less talented drivers doing what they do best. I’m sure most of it will end up on Youtube for a giggle but it could be your lucky day when someone tries to blame you for something which wasn’t your fault on the road, or your friendly insurance company decides “Sorry, that’s not covered under your policy”

There are so many uses for it now; it seems silly not to have one. It’s a third of the price of a fine too so what are you waiting for?

I’ll stop rambling. It’s made by LIFEPROOF so expect the best and you’ll be satisfied.

Oh, if you’re competing in Targa Tasmania this year, write to me for a trial unit so we can really test it out. 

Thanks for reading...

Clark Stott

BlackBerry Z10 Leather Pocket Case

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
I've tried a 3 of the new BlackBerry Z10 cases so I can tell you all about them...

Third case, BlackBerry Z10 Leather Pocket Case. Comes in Black @ $28.95

Simple and historical - the BlackBerry Pocket case has been around since I had a BlackBerry 7230. Quite simply, it does what is says on the tin. It's a slide in case for your BlackBerry Z10 which is idea for your pocket. The front of the case seems to be BlackBerry's usual quality leather and on the back they have made a really good looking carbon fibre like effect which I like, its a bit different and a little bit special. The case is slim and feels strong

What's good?

High quality material feel
Works well even in fitted jeans
Smooth surface that won't fly out of your hand and my Z10 is very snug indeed
Very simply, very comfortable, very effective.
Headset Port is available to use whilst in the case

Not so good?

The case was very tight to start with but after a few days use I can just about get my Z10 out when in rings without rage - although I still click the volume key every time
There maybe a reason for this, but the camera lens isn't covered by the case?
So the Headset Port is available whilst in the case as is the volume up button... what about the volume down button?

My overall rating is 4.0 stars

"It's the one I'm keeping"

BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
I've tried a 3 of the new BlackBerry Z10 cases so I can tell you all about them...

Second case, BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell. Comes in Red, White or Black @ $28.95

Ok, the idea with this case is it clips to the back of your Z10 and has a vertical book binder hinge on the left with a flap to cover the screen which can then convert into a horizontal stand for viewing and working.
It's very easy to clip onto your Z10 and the flap sits nice and flat on the screen, covering the whole screen and protruding over the edge by about 1 to 2 milimetres. The case then displays it's party piece, the front cover tucks in behind the Z10 to create a good sturdy stand in a horizontal profile.

What's good?
The stand is very good, I can easily create a few different viewing angles in a horizontal profile
My Z10 isn't touching the surface when the case is in flip mode, it's still protected by the back part of the case around the corners and the sides
The material of the front cover feels nice, certainly feels more expensive than it is, suede-like
The case is overall nice and thin, not much bulk added at all

Not so good?
I'm not sure how my Z10 would fair if I dropped it in the flip case, I can't see much protection for the screen in a drop or knock situation. Sure, it is covered by the flap but that could very easily move in a drop.
Whilst I like the feel of the material, its going to pick up bits and never really look clean... and I've only been using it an hour
Not ideal for your pocket and hard to get the Z10 back out of the case

My overall rating is 3.8 stars

BlackBerry Z10 Transform Shell

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
I've tried a 3 of the new BlackBerry Z10 cases so I can tell you all about them...

First up, BlackBerry Z10 Transform Shell. Comes in Red, White or Black @ $26.95

Ok, it feels like it a mix of quality soft touch plastic and a rubber type material.
It's very easy to clip onto your Z10 as there is a horizontal break in centre of the case, so it splits very easily which great for clipping it on.
So the idea behind the transform case is that you can snap half the case and twist it round and underneath your Z10 so it basically acts as a stand when viewing your Z10 in a horizontal position.

What's good?
The stand angle is nice, its not adjustable though. It works great on my desk but I wouldn't be so good if I was lying on the floor for instance or in bed.
The case does provide good protection around the corners of the Z10 and looks to create an overhang on the corners of around 1 or 1.5mm
It looks and feels good, access to all ports and both cameras

Not so good?
One thing I don't like is that when you do use the Transform case as a stand, its my Z10 that's resting on the surface so it could get scratched or marked by my desk or table. Whilst you can split the case on either side, if you have the right side down you can't really adjust the volume too easily and if you have the left side down you can't have your charger plugged in.

My overall rating is 3.5 stars

BlackBerry Z10 Australian Unlocked Pre-Order

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
So I've been using the Z10 for 3 weeks now. Sure I certainly see what all the fuss is about.
If BlackBerry wasn't plastered across the front of this new sleek smartphone I couldn't have guessed it was one. They say it's all "new" but I've heard that before but in this case, it looks and feels very unlike my previous Bold 9900 or any other BlackBerry.

On a personal note, I was skeptical; I've been using real "keyboard" BlackBerry's for over 5 years and I'm not a touchscreen fan, you're generally one or the other; or certainly favour one over the other.

The screen is mighty impressive to look at and to touch, its crystal clear and feels like solid glass when swiping away.

Two things I really love about the Z10 that I have to tell you;

The first is about BlackBerry Hub - it's a screen where I can basically see everything that's important to me, in one shot I can see emails, text messages, FaceBook notifications and calendar reminders plus much more. From there I can action anyone of the tasks without leaving that very screen.

Second, typing and the word technology - here's my issue with typing on touchscreens - to be accurate I have to do it slowly, and to type fast I have to go back and correct my mistakes. On my Bold 9900 and previous BlackBerry's with a real keyboard I was fast and accurate. So you'll be amazed when I tell you after just 3 weeks I'm nearly as fast on the Z10 as I was on my Bold. As I type fast and make mistakes, they are automatically corrected with phenomenal accuracy. The more I use it, the more the Z10 learns my language and becomes even more accurate. Then there is flicking the words onto the screen, at first its fun, now it's fast! As I type the letters b, r, i and its already brought up the word "brilliant" for me and I just flick the word brilliant up from the keyboard onto the screen and get on with the next word. There is so much more to say about the Z10... it feels like a very high quality product to touch and hold, the camera is brilliant as is BBM Video and lots of other things. If you don't like touchscreens, the BlackBerry Z10 might be the one for you.

It think its mighty and I'm certainly for me... more coming soon

LifeProof iPhone 5 Case Australia Release

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The much anticipated iPhone 5 LifeProof case in on the way, US orders are expecting to be shipping late October early November according to LifeProof CEO Gary Rayner.

The new name of LifeProof Frē is expected to cover the iPhone 5.

Gary also promises "LifeProof Frē case for the iPhone 5, and our new iPhone 5 case substantially improves every dimension of experience over our very popular iPhone 4 case" so we are pretty excited about that and we are sure you LifeProof fans are too

Our Australian distributors are pitching early December for our first shipment to arrive. Obviously pre-orders are going to be very high.

Smartphone Store will begin taking pre-orders from mid October now that stock availability is confirmed and pricing is likely to remain the same as the iPhone 4S.

LifeProof are promising total "commitment to making our thinnest and lightest case ever" and that's the reason for the delay.

The full IP-68 Military rating will remain so the Waterproofness will be as great as ever. No other case really gives you the confidence to take your iPhone around the pool, to the beach or even on a building site in the rain.

Expect great things from the iPhone 5 LifeProof Frē case, its perfectly suited to Australian conditions and we love it!

Until we test the new OtterBox Pursuit range there is no comparison to LifeProof.

Pre-order and product information click here LifeProof iPhone 5 Case Australia


LifeProof iPhone Case New Colours and Accessories

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LifeProof have extended its colour range of the their ever popular LifeProof case for iPhone 4 and 4S. The waterproof case now comes in Red, Blue, Teal, Green and Orange.

New Lifeproof accessories are now available also such as the Lifeproof Lifejacket which is great around swimming pools, boats and the beach.

You simply insert your Lifeproof covered iPhone into the bright orange Lifejacket and then your iPhone is totally buoyant.

Check out the new Lifeproof Lifejacket click here

After serious demand, Lifeproof have provided us with a very simply Dock Connector extender, so this small connector product fits into your iPhone 30pin port whilst its in the Lifeproof case, so you can then connect almost any 30 pin Apple style cable to your iPhone whilst it's all wrapped up.

Here is a link to the Lifeproof Dock Connector

Here is a link to the new lifeproof iphone colours

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